Blackmailing Big Sis

Here’s a hot story from one of the original members of the Li’l Brother Army. Enjoy!

I call you over to my room, telling you that I have something important that I have something I need to show you. You sigh and walk towards my room. As you enter the doorway, I slam the door behind you and push you onto my bed. You let out a slight yelp and turn around to see my pulsing cock right in your face. You give me a dirty look and tell me to get my cock out of your face before you tell mom. I laugh, lean forward, and tell you that there’s no way in hell I would do that, especially with what I’ve got saved on my computer. You give me a confused and somewhat anxious stare as you ask me what it is that I have. I laugh again, and turn your head towards my computer screen, where a video of you and your boyfriend are fucking in our parents’ bedroom. Before you get the chance to utter a word, I tell you that I’ve recorded every single one of your sexcapades and have pictures along with these videos. Knowing that our parents would be furious if this was to be found out, I offer you a deal. You have to deepthroat my cock and let me titfuck you anytime I wanted. You return my sly gaze with a cold stare and regrettingly agree. I crack a smile, push you back onto the bed, rip open your shirt and tell you to get to work. Still keeping your eyes to mine you slowly stroke my cock and lick the tip. After a few strokes, you gently bite into it, making me cringe from pleasure. You know that this is wrong, and you know you had no other choice, but you can feel your insides heating up. You take a bit more into your mouth, swirling your tongue as you bob your head, making me give a slight hump so that you would take more into your mouth. Without warning, I grab your head and thrust my cock as deep as I can into your throat. I laugh at the sound you let out and proceed to fuck your mouth, without giving you a chance to breath. Your eyes begin to glaze over from the lack of air yet you feel your pussy begin to drip. I force my cock even deeper down your throat, making you gag, the force of each thrust making saliva fly all over the place. Feeling that I’m nearing my end, I stop, push you onto your back and place my cock between your busty tits. “This cock ain’t gonna milk itself, slut” Still recovering from the lack of oxygen, you subconsciously press your breasts together and stick out your tongue, thirstily waiting for the taste of my cum. I thrust as fast and hard as I can, slapping your tits with one hand, while rubbing and teasing your clit with the other. The other hand moves to fingering your pussy, and I feel how drenched you really are. I laugh maniacally. “Enjoying my cock between these massive fucktoys of yours, my big sister slut?” You nod without uttering a word, lashing your tongue out at the tip of my cock, begging for me to spray my cum into your mouth and all over your tits and face. And within seconds, I do exactly that, forcing my cock down your throat, letting the first few pulses of cum shoot into your throat, and slowly pulling out of your mouth to cover your face and your tits entirely with my cum. You gasp for air from the thickness and stickiness of my cum and throw a half-conscious glazed stare at my eyes. I grin even more and tell you that this is just the beginning.

To be continued~