Anonymous said: "You -- you want me to put it where?" I ask, gulping nervously. I'm already balls deep in my big sister's warm, wet pussy as she's bent over on the bed in front of me. I love fucking my sister like this, watching her big beautiful tits swing back and forth as I fuck her from behind. I would do anything for my big sis, but I've never done anal before. I slowly pull out of her pussy, my cock dripping wet from her juices as I press it into her ass. I can't believe how good her tight hole feels...

Mmm, this one wins. I got a LOT of responses to my weekend anal ask request, but I’m only posting three. Some went too far too fast, some were way too indulgent, and others just had terrible spelling. 

Anyway, the problem with a weekend ask is that I might not be in the mood for the thing I asked about a few days ago. Like now, I’m not really finding anal so hot. 

Sometimes your big sis is fickle, Li’l Brother Army, I don’t know how you put up with me!


P.S. Welcome new followers! (you perverts)

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